A letter from Kas.

With your support, I am working on a series of articles books, audio, and other publications such as The Quiet Letters and The Art of Stillness.

Soon, there will be a shop here, where you can buy these works. Until then, I invite your support. 


Why your support is needed.

Funds enable me to continue writing, and to publish my writings, audio and video. They buy food, water, shelter, medicine, clothing, tea and incense, as well as directly funding the work.

They also enable me to make coaching and guidance more available to people in financial difficulty, as those in crisis so often are.

Since early June 2017, I am working towards the creation of a meditation space in SW Portugal, with an online meditation space for those who can't join us in person.

Ways you can support the work.

Hire me. If you would like to commission me to write for you, or lead a gathering, contact me

Share my work. If you have an email or social media account, you can help me by sharing my work, with a link back to my website.

Ways to donate.

Cash. If you were to press cash into my pockets whilst I was otherwise occupied, you would not be the first, and I would be thankful.

Patreon. Support me on Patreon and access unique offerings and extracts of work in progress. Become part of the community around the work.

Plasso. A fast way to support my workClick, name your amount, send. It's like haiku. 

Donate right here. Use the button below to donate now. Donations via this page are via the Stripe secure payment system. 

Thank you, I appreciate your support to help me continue to share my work with the world. 

Love, Kas.